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Induction Kit

Work in Progress, looks like allot of sound isolation (dynamat)

Some red interior parts, and allot of stuff to cleanup :-)


  1. Anonymous said...
    hi! Where did you buy your induction kit?

    Which model is it?
    Guido said...
    This is not my Car, but the Induction kit is custom made, the same as my car. It's a custom pipe with a K&N filter. I don't know which filter this Aygo uses.
    Anonymous said...
    The isolation stuff u see in the picture is called Dynamat. See for details. If you google it you will find retailers who sell it. It is quite expensive though.
    Guido said...
    thx for the dynamat tip.
    ThomasM said...
    Does anyone know the brand and model of those rims?

    Thanks in advance.

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