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I had the guys from Atec tuning make me a custom exhaust.

Exhaust less Peugeot 107

Here the mini original Peugeot 107 exhaust

Here the new mid exhaust with new stainless steal silencer all put together.

the new exhaust installed under the car

I will record the sound as soon as I can get a good quality recording
dimensions of the end tip are: 120mm x 95mm


  1. Anonymous said...
    your site is the best site i have seen for aygo tuning keep it up!! wonderful sections and if you get any news on the shift light can u email me at

    Arsène Lupin said...
    You put a new exhaust or you have to modify the interior of old? You have other photographs? As for example when you opened the exhaust?
    Guido said...
    No this is a whole new silencer.
    We only used the pipe going to the engine and welded it to the new silencer.
    Anonymous said...
    can you tell me the dimensions of the exhaust exit?

    Thankyou very much.

    P.S. Another thing, when will you record the sound of the exhaust?

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