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Little photo shoot of my Peugeot 107 in front of the new MTV building here in the Amsterdam. The Car is lowered with 35mm Apex springs and it has an K&N induction kit installed


  1. jake said...
    With the antenna, front grill, and mud flaps, because they are a modification to the outside. Does it affect your insurance?
    Guido said...
    Not here in the Netherlands. I am not sure in the UK. They are genuine Peugeot accessories so it might be ok. Maybe someone in the UK can tell you.
    jake said...
    Are they the Citroen c1 tail lamps from Peugeot 107 Owners Club?
    Guido said...
    No these are the Peugeot Sport tail lights.
    jake said...
    thankyou for help :) and great site :) very helpful
    Anonymous said...
    Im getting my Peugeot 107 hopefully within the next 2 weeks, getting a black 2007 (57) plate 1,500 miles in black for £5,500. which i think is good. But im looking to mod mine aswell, just wondering are the mud flaps "styled mud flaps" ones (i found on
    Styled_Mudflaps_9603N9 )
    with thanks
    Guido said...
    front: Styled_Mudflaps_9603N9
    back: Styled_Mudflaps_-_Rear_9603P1

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