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Update Dyno:
This is a dyno report of my 107 with a original filter and a Injen filterkit.
The engine of my 107 is chiptuned and the profit with the injen filterkit is about +5HP and +3Nm



  1. said...
    Hallo !!! do you happen to know some information about injen intake system? do you have any dyno for your car ?
    Thomas Kalteren said...
    See update.
    Ricky Robertson said...
    hello there.

    just came across this post as i was looking to see if adding a cold air intake would make much diffrence to the car, according to your results it has, however i have a few questions:

    does the car have any other modifications ?

    can you feel more response at lower revs ? as in better acceleration ?

    can you attatch a link to the website i can buy one of these ?

    id be most greatful if you could answer my questions.

    mods ive doen so far:

    new stereo system and installed rear speakers.

    leds linked into the door sensor.

    irridium sparks,

    oil filter and oil change, with flush of bg44k

    new black alloys and tyres purchasing some alloy wheel nuts in blue and will spray the calibers

    also fitted new exhaust.

    also, my engine seems alot more grunty than the girlfriends aygo, despite the fact its using the same engine. any thoughts ?


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